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Should I invest in paid ads for my books? There are a few things to bear in mind.

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Should I Invest in Paid Advertising for My Books?

The answer is almost certainly yes. But a more pressing question is – should I invest in paid advertising for my books RIGHT NOW?

A little context…

Selling books online – selling anything, actually – means building processes and systems that generate:

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  2. Conversions – people buying your books after seeing them

And, of course, doing all that profitably. Everything else is largely supplementary – and will ideally help you scale up either of those two things.

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So what about paid ads?

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How to Get Started Building Your Readership - on a Budget

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Who's the best email marketing provider for authors?

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Scaling Up with Paid Advertising - for Authors

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The Easy Way to Sell Books

There’s a simple reason so many people don’t like to sell —including most of those who sell for a living. “Selling” typically can feel manipulative, phoney, even sleazy. Here's what to do instead.

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